STEM / STEAM Student Courses and Support

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STEM / STEAM Student Courses

This series of courses teaches STEM / STEAM students to be STEAM pros. We have long experience teaching STEAM and a group of STEAM pros and professional quality online STEAM courses ready to serve you.

Students in our STEAM classes also get access to our STEAM content subscription channels to keep up with current events and introduce new and updated study content.

Our partnership with the American Science and Technology Education Association (AmSTEA) gives us access to some of the best STEM / STEAM standards in the country. These are standards aligned and practical for today’s modern classroom.

AmSTEA STEAM Student Certificate Exams are available to our STEAM course students, and an AmSTEA STEAM Student Certificate is available if you pass the exam. This will help you master the material, technologies, and STEAM content, and give you a valuable credential to help you get in to your next level of school or raise your salary if you are going in to the workforce.