Will Crampton.png

Will Crampton

MA East Asian Studies U of Illinois

MA Cultural Anthropology U of Hawaii

Chinese Language courses at Harvard

Artificial Intelligence (AI) course at MIT

Will Crampton has had a long career managing training and education businesses.

Will wrote 20 proprietary course books used exclusively by the venture in the B2B and B2E industries and edited another 10. These books have been used for years by industry professionals and students in schools. They are one of the largest vertical industry language training libraries for First Line Workers and Managers in the world.

Will worked for New Horizons Computer Learning Centers in the 1990s. New Horizons was a $500 million USD per year, NASDAQ listed company.

…As Eastern US Regional Manager he oversaw over 500 employees in 26 locations and $200 million USD of revenue.

…As Asia Pacific Regional Manager he opened and ran 15 training centers in 10 Asian countries and drove revenue in this franchised computer software training company from $3 million to $35 million USD per year in 5 years. He opened their first location in China in 1999; a JV with Fudan University.

Will managed the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics MBA program in 2002-2003. SUFE is widely considered the Wharton of China.

Will launched a mobile phone based subscription language training service in China with more than 1 million monthly subscribers in 2007, maybe the first foreigner to achieve this.

Will was a key figure in introducing wide use of QR codes for FinTech in China in the 2000s. QR codes are one of the most common ways Chinese now use to pay for goods and services without cash.

Mr. Crampton has started up and run a number of companies of his own, he is surprisingly fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and conversational in Japanese.


Linda Li

BS Wireless Telecoms

MBA from the University of Minnesota

Linda is a pathfinder in China’s mobile communication industry, working in China Mobile for over ten years as a Manager in the Marketing and Data Departments.

Ms. Li rolled out key new mobile products and services in China to over 100 million customers;
…-MMS service to customers #1 – 10,000,000 in China
…-Monternet, the model for 900 million mobile phone to Internet connections in China
…-Mobile Market, China Mobile’s own mobile app store

Ms. Li specializes in mobile Internet, mobile marketing, and mobile investments in the IT industries.

She also founded a wealth management company, focusing on the needs of wealthy customers in China.